Riesling Regions

Idaho | Washington | Ontario | Austria | Alsace | Australia | New Zealand | Germany | South Africa | New York (Finger Lakes) | Michigan | Oregon | California
Riesling is the world’s most diverse wine in terms of the styles, aromas, and flavor profiles, ranging from bone dry to seductively sweet in taste, and with fragrances from slate to petrol and ripe peaches. Riesling also reflects “terroir”—the soil and climate characteristics of where it is grown—more than any other wine.

Not surprisingly, the world’s Riesling regions are also highly diverse, from the traditional regions of Europe to New World locations in both the northern and southern hemispheres. And while Riesling is generally considered a “cool climate” grape variety, some stunning examples are now being made in much warmer climates as well.

Representatives of the various Riesling regions have compiled descriptions of their areas and what makes them uniquely suited for growing the world’s most noble white wine grape. The links in the box above go to more detailed descriptions of the regions, as well as other information which has appeared in the International Riesling Foundation newsletter .