Inaugural Luncheon to Feature Riesling

Washington, DC— A Riesling wine will be featured at the ultimate power lunch—the 2013 Inaugural Luncheon in the United States Capitol immediately after the official swearing-in of President Barack Obama on Monday, January 21.

Tierce 2010 Dry Riesling from New York’s Finger Lakes region will be enjoyed by 250 of the most powerful people in the world—President Obama and his Cabinet officials, leaders of Congress, Supreme Court justices, diplomats, and other luminaries. The Tierce Dry Riesling will accompany a presentation of lobster with clam chowder sauce.

“The fact that the white wine of the luncheon is a Riesling reflects the increasing awareness and appreciation of Riesling as the ultimate ‘food wine’”, said Jim Trezise, President of the International Riesling Foundation and President of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. “To my knowledge, this is the first time in modern history that a Riesling has been featured.”

The 2010 Tierce, like its predecessors from earlier vintages, is a unique collaborative effort among three of New York’s top winemakers: Peter Bell of Fox Run Vineyards, Johannes Reinhardt of Anthony Road Winery, and David Whiting of Red Newt Cellars. All three wineries are on Seneca Lake but with different “terroir” in terms of their soil composition, climatic influence, and geographical features such as slope of the land and distance from the deep lake.

Several years ago, the three award-winning winemakers, who respect each others’ talents, wondered if they could make a better wine together than any of them individually. In other words, could the whole be greater than the sum of its parts? So each year they each make their own batch of dry Riesling and, when the wines are ready, get together on one day to taste dozens of different blends of the three wines until they arrive at the best. That wine is the Tierce of that year (Tierce means three: As the back label says, “Three vineyards, three winemakers, one wine.”)

Tierce is a limited production wine, with only about 300 cases made in a given year, and is sold exclusively through the three wineries. Over the years, different vintages of Tierce wines have won acclaim at international wine competitions, from major consumer wine magazines, and among wine writers. California wine writer and Riesling expert Dan Berger recently wrote in his newsletter, Vintage Experiences, that the 2008 Tierce “may be the best dry Riesling ever made in the United States.”

More information about Tierce and the wineries is available at their respective web sites:,,

Media Contact: Jim Trezise, 585-394-3620, ext. 203,

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  1. Lee Beaulac Says:


    Congratulations on putting together this wonderful event! New York continues to lead the way in quality Riesling production and you continue to provide the inspired leadership that makes our brand growth so successful.