Celebrating the Summer of Riesling 2012

If spring is here, summer can’t be far behind. And summer means Riesling!

Hundreds of the finest restaurants in the United States will be celebrating the “Summer
of Riesling” from June 20th to September 21st by offering their customers Riesling wines by the
glass as well as bottle.

In 2011, the original goal was to get participation by 75 restaurants. The final tally: 222,
or triple the goal. For 2012, the goal is 500.

“The enthusiasm was incredible,” said Manhattan restaurateur and Riesling fanatic Paul
Grieco, who created the “Summer of Riesling” concept and orchestrated the 2011 national
program. “This was not a hard sell at all. So many of my colleagues love Riesling and know
how versatile it is with many foods, and they just said sure, we’re in.”

The “Summer of Riesling” concept was created in 2008 when Paul (General AND
Manager of Hearth Restaurant, Terroir E.Vil, Terroir | Tribeca and Terroir {Murray Hill}
decided that during the summer the ONLY white wine that Terroir customers could get was
Riesling—30 different wines by the glass and 100 by the bottle—a radical move that has paid off

The following two years the program expanded in various ways, initially by enlisting
14 other Manhattan wine bars as part of the celebration and adding a concert where the only
alcoholic beverage available was Riesling—no beer, no spirits. And the Summer of Riesling
even attracted visits by the German Wine Queen.

Never content with the status quo, in 2011 Paul took Summer of Riesling national, with
support from the International Riesling Foundation (IRF), an organization specifically created to
promote Rieslings from around the world. More than 200 top restaurants participated in the 94-
day celebration in 19 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. There has even been interest among
restaurants in Amsterdam, France, and Germany—but that’s for another year.

Participating restaurants included some of the country’s most famous: Spago Beverly
Hills, Restaurant Gary Danko and Slanted Door in San Francisco, The French Laundry in Napa
Valley, Websters Wine Bar in Chicago, B & G Oysters in Boston, Wild Ginger in Seattle, and,
in New York, Bar Boulud, Craft, and Daniel—along with Terroir, of course. The full list is
available here

The restaurants agreed to feature at least three Rieslings by the glass throughout the

entire summer, along with their bottle selections, but many offered even more. Participating
restaurants select the wines they wish to feature, which may remain the same or change during
the three-month period. To add some fun and color, they receive special “Summer of Riesling”
t-shirts, Riesling tattoos, buttons, window stickers, and lots of information about Riesling.

“Summer of Riesling is quite simply just a fun celebration of the world’s most noble white
wine,” said IRF President Jim Trezise. “What’s not to like about Riesling tattoos on forearms,
foreheads or elsewhere, and brightly colored T-shirts to go along with brightly flavored wines?”

Paul Grieco officially kicked off the 2012 Summer of Riesling campaign with an IRF
booth at the ProWein trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany in early March, applying more than
2,000 tattoos to people of all ages, who then became walking advertisements for Riesling.

The International Riesling Foundation has also created a consumer-friendly IRF Riesling
Taste Profile that is now on the back labels of more than 30 million bottles of Riesling in the
U.S. market. Based on the interplay of sugar, acid, and pH in the wine, the taste profile lets
consumers know where each bottle falls on a continuum of Dry, Medium Dry, Medium Sweet,
and Sweet. Detailed information is on the IRF web site.

For more information on Summer of Riesling, visit www.summerofriesling.com, or follow
the fun on Facebook and twitter. Information is also available on the International Riesling
Foundation’s web site, www.drinkriesling.com.

Media contacts: Paul Grieco for Summer of Riesling information

pgrieco@restauranthearth.com or info@summerofriesling.com

Jim Trezise for International Riesling Foundation