All About Riesling

Meet the World’s Most Noble Grape

Originating in Germany hundreds of years ago, Riesling today is grown in regions around the globe and is one of the world’s fastest growing varieties.

It’s easy to see why. A favorite of chefs, sommeliers and wine professionals everywhere, it is aromatic, food-friendly and filled with personality. In all the world, no other wine so deftly reflects its soil and region.

Here are just a few reasons to love Riesling:

  • Versatile — Riesling comes in a mouthwatering array of flavor profiles. From dry to medium dry to medium sweet to sweet, Riesling offers a pleasing taste for every palate.
  • Food friendly — Riesling is the ultimate food-pairing wine, with options for every cuisine. Dry Rieslings are well suited to shellfish and classic preparations of fish, pork and poultry as well as cream sauces. Medium dry Rieslings are terrific with spicy Asian/fusion cuisine, smoked fish and salty cheeses. Medium sweet Rieslings pair beautifully with rich, spicy Indian dishes or dishes featuring fresh fruits. Sweet Rieslings are wonderful with salty blue cheeses, fruit desserts and foie gras.
  • Evocative — More than any other grape, Riesling takes on the character of the soil and climate where it is grown. Some will say it does so almost down to individual vines!
  • Easy sipping — Medium dry and medium sweet Rieslings have lower alcohol levels than other wines. When combined with well-balanced acidity, that makes them perfect for sipping in hot weather and for serving at parties in all seasons.
  • Fine aging — Many fine Rieslings will cellar beautifully and for much longer than other wines. They only grow more concentrated and complex with age.

Whether you are new to Riesling or already an affirmed fan of the noble grape, we encourage you to explore different Rieslings in different flavor profiles from a variety of regions around the globe. You will find options to keep you happily exploring for a lifetime!

The IRF Riesling Taste Profile





Dry, medium dry, medium sweet or sweet? Riesling comes in such a wide range of styles, it helps to have a guide!

That’s why we developed the IRF Riesling Taste Profile, an easy-to-read indicator of where a wine fits on the dry-to-sweet scale.

Based on IRF guidelines for the interplay of sugar, acid and pH, winemakers calculate where to place the arrow on the profile for use on the back label to help consumers choose the Riesling that best matches their taste.


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