Riesling is one of the world’s most versatile wines. Made in a wide range of styles, it’s the ultimate wine to pair with food and a true pleasure to sip. And while it originated in Germany, Riesling today is grown in many regions around the globe. More than any other wine, Riesling’s aroma and taste reflect the unique terroir of its region and vineyard, so each time you taste a new Riesling… you’re exploring the world!

If you want to discover more about this noble grape, its wines and regions, this site is for you. Visit here often and come find us on social media. We are your resource for all things Riesling.

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Use our Riesling Taste Profile

Riesling comes in such a wide range of styles, it helps to have a guide!

That’s why we developed the Riesling Taste Profile, an easy-to-read indicator of where a wine fits on the dry-to-sweet scale.

Based on IRF guidelines for the interplay of sugar, acid and pH, winemakers calculate where to place the arrow on the profile for use on the back label to help consumers choose the Riesling that best matches their taste.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Hello Riesling lover! We’re delighted to share this new website with you and hope you’ll consider us your go-to source for Riesling learning and news. Visit us often and sign up to receive news to your inbox so you don’t miss

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Video: Your New Favorite Wine

Watch this video to see wine tasters get their minds blown when they find out what they’re drinking (and loving)…It’s Riesling, of course!  

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Riesling Invasion in Portland, Oregon

Pacific Northwest Riesling fans, don’t miss the third annual Riesling Invasion in Portland, Oregon! Sat. July 23rd 5 to 9 pm Jacobsen Salt Company 602 SE Salmon St., Portland, Oregon Your ticket includes entry fee to taste through more than

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