Welcome to the wonderful world of Riesling

Riesling is one of the world’s most noble grapes and most versatile wines.  The range of styles from dry to sweet, and in between, makes Riesling the ultimate “food wine” as well as a great “sipping wine”.  Millions of consumers discovering Riesling’s many pleasures have made it the fastest growing white wine in the United States.

More than any other wine, Riesling also reflects the unique “terroir” of where it is produced.  With roots in Germany, Riesling is now produced around the world.  Explore our new Riesling Regions map to learn more. The unique soil and climate conditions of each vineyard are reflected in the aroma and taste of the wine.

The International Riesling Foundation was created to help consumers better appreciate the many virtues of Riesling.  Much of the information on this web site is derived, with gracious permission, from the Riesling Rules Book of Pacific Rim Winery.  We hope this information will help you discover the grapes, the wines, the regions they come from, the foods they match with, and much more.